prices of Istanbul apartments and factors affecting in it

prices of Istanbul apartments and factors affecting in it

prices of Istanbul apartments and factors affecting in it

prices of Istanbul apartments and factors affecting in it.

What are the most important factors affecting the prices of Istanbul apartments?


The most important factors that affect the price of the property in the first place is the location, the distance or proximity to the center of Istanbul plays a major role in determining the price of the property or the area in general, and the distance or proximity to the historical or archaeological areas has an important role in determining the price of apartments, in addition In addition, the location of the property within the coastal areas of Istanbul has a clear impact on the price of the property. For example, there is a clear difference in price between Beylikdüzü, located on the coast of the Marmara Sea, and Esenyurt, where most apartments have city views.

Close to transportation station

The presence of the property near a transportation station, whether it is a metro station, metro bus or tramway, increases its value significantly, due to the importance of public transportation in Istanbul and the demand for people to use it for their transportation mainly. Certainly, the areas fed by a huge transportation network, their prices differ from the areas with limited transportation. Also, the promising areas in Istanbul, which are witnessing a significant expansion in the level of the transportation network, have witnessed in the past period a clear and noticeable rise in prices, for example, the Bahçeşehir region and its natural features and views of the vast green spaces and its proximity to Istanbul Airport Third, the metro station that you will reach at the end of 2019 will raise the price of a meter in it significantly, so that the price increase in it began dramatically when the official announcement by the competent authorities of the Turkish government about the location of the new metro in it.

Close to mega projects in Istanbul

And perhaps the best example of the high price rises because it is located near Istanbul’s third airport and the new Istanbul Canal, is the Basaksehir area. Certainly, the fact that apartments are located near mega projects is a major factor in their high price and the high price per square meter for the area in general. The establishment of housing projects near huge infrastructure projects directly determines the prices of the area.

Proximity to services, facilities and commercial centers

Certainly, the presence of the property in Istanbul near hospitals, whether private or governmental, and near schools of different types and universities with different branches, adds great importance to the apartments and thus directly contributes to determining the value of this property, and the presence of apartments near shopping centers or complexes Commercial, plays a key role in increasing the price of the property, as the presence of the property near the services is one of the main factors in the discrepancy in the prices of apartments within the same area, so that most areas of Istanbul are served by hospitals, malls, schools and universities, but not all apartments within the area are located near Of which.

Services included in the project

The interior finishes of the apartments, the level of cladding and the type of materials used determine the price of the apartments. Certainly, the use of the best materials in finishing the apartments will increase the price of the property. Also, the types used in furnishing bathrooms and kitchens (which are usually delivered with the apartment) have a role in determining prices. Significantly.

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