Land Buying Guide2030 in Türkiye

Land Buying Guide2030 in Türkiye

Land Buying Guide2030 in Türkiye

Turkey guide2023 is considered one of the most attractive real estate destinations in the world, thanks
to its many appealing advantages   for investors, such as reasonable prices, a stable economic
environment, easy real estate laws, and a strategic location. Therefore, many investors are looking
for real estate investment opportunities in Turkey, especially in buying
Land in Turkey.

Buying land in Turkey Guide2023 requires a detailed and thorough understanding of the rights, conditions, prices, and
opportunities related to buying or investing in land in Turkey, as well as knowing the guide to
Buying land in
for 2023 and the eligibility of     foreigners to buy land in Turkey or transfer ownership legally

Buying land in Turkey is considered one of the most successful real estate investments in Turkey, especially
if you want to build a large residential project if your investment budget is large and
suitable for large projects. Like many people with limited budgets, you can buy land
.in Turkey for agricultural or other purposes, or even build a villa or wooden house and live ther
However, before buying land in Turkey, you need to know the types of land in
Turkey, the ways to invest in them, and their importance

To watch a video about the land purchase Guide to buying land in Turkey for 2023 click here

:Types of lands in the land purchase Guide2023 to buying land in Turkey 

The Guide to buying land in Turkey for 2023 outlines the different types of land available in Turkey as follow

Residential land in Turkey

These are lands suitable for building large residential projects and are in compliance with municipal
licensing in the area. Buying residential land is a great investment
for those with large budgets, as they can purchase land suitable for construction and build a residential
project to sell on a per-apartment basis. The profit potential is very high compared to other investments, but
.it is important to note that building regulations and land usage rights must be considered before purchasin
.The real estate company, “Henna Real Estate”, provides information about apartments in Turkey and their price

Agricultural land in Turkey

 Building on this type of land is generally prohibited, but in some cases, it may be allowed with
.strict conditions imposed by the regional municipality and agricultural land ownership bond
These lands require confirmation from the municipality and the regional land registry whether
they are suitable for agriculture or construction before purchasing property in Turkey according to Turkish la
The law also classifies the land, allowing non-agricultural activities to be carried out on the land when it is unsuitable for  griculture or is not being used for agricultural purpose
However, the economic necessity of starting a project on agricultural land, its benefits, and the absence of environmental harm must be taken into consideratio

Industrial and investment lands

These lands offer vast areas for building factories and industrial plants that can boost the Turkish
economy by increasing productivity. Therefore, buying industrial land in Turkey is a desirable investment for foreigners, especially in industrial cities. Turkey encourages purchasing industrial land to
make the economy productive and self-sufficient, and to reduce imports by providing benefits
to commercial landowners who wish to invest there. The “Henna Real Estate” company also provides
information about the cheapest areas in Istanbul for residential purposes in its guide.

Overall, the guide to buying land in Turkey for 2023 is a valuable resource for anyone interested in investing in Turkish real estate, providing critical information and useful tips to help make informed decisions and obtain the best property deals in Turkey.

Ownership conditions in the land purchase Guide2023 to buying land in Turkey 

The Guide to buying land in Turkey for 2023 discusses several conditions related to foreign ownership of land in Turkey
:  including

Foreigners are allowed to own up to 300,000 square meters of land in Turkey

Foreigners are not allowed to own or rent properties within 400 meters of all military barracks belonging to the Turkish army, strategic and security sites such as airports, seaports, oil and energy stations, and other cultural and religious centers belonging to the Turkish state

 first Guide2023 allowed to purchase properties in a region or town up to a maximum of 10% of the total land in that region

first Guide2023 allowed to own all types of properties in Turkey, including residential, commercial, land, farms, factories, and schools 

Ario Real estates company provides information about the necessary documents required when purchasing property, including the property deed, a document indicating the value of the property obtained from the relevant municipality, a recent personal photo, a copy of the building license for the project and its registration with the municipality, and proof of insurance against earthquakes

The guide2023 also includes property prices in Istanbul provided
by Ario Real estates Real Estate

 :The guide to buying land in Turkey for 2023 also offers four ideas for successful land investmen

Building a villa or apartment

Establishing a private farm

Planting field crops or seasonal tree seedlings

Investing in land through an organized profitable company

Foreigners need to provide certain documents when purchasing property, such as obtaining a tax number, passport with translation into Turkish by a sworn translator, two recent personal photos, and proof of inheritance of any property owned by foreigners

Ario Real estates Company shows you in its directory the cheapest apartments for sale in Türkiye, Istanbul

Services provided by Ario Real estates

At Ario Real estates Real Estate, we understand that the best Real estate investment lies in the best areas
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Ario Real estates Real Estate is a specialized consulting company in real estate consulting, development, and
implementation of large and medium-sized projects.
It finds real estate investment opportunities through the management of groups of investors
interested in residency through real estate investment or residency by purchasing property in
Turkey and managing various projects to achieve the highest profit margin for investors.
The company also manages investments for investors or participates in them, based on a comprehensive
study of each project individually, from all aspects and studying its economic feasibilit

If you are looking to buy land, Ario Real estates Real Estate is your ideal choice.
We offer you the finest land offers and the best real estate and investment options, including
more than 100 different real estate investment projects and many pre- and post-sale real estate, legal, and consulting services

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Services provided by Ario Real estates

Ario Real estates services include providing all the advice and guidance to help you buy the land that perfectly fits your desires and available cash flow, with the best technical and service specifications, to own the property you dream of in the Republic of Turkey

Acquiring Turkish citizenship: One of our services is also to handle all the transactions related to obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate and real estate investment in Turkey. Starting from guiding you to the best properties that suit you, to receiving your Turkish passport in the shortest possible time

Interior Design and Decoration: Our Istanbul Real Estate team of interior designers has accumulated years of experience in interior design, supervision, and implementation. In addition to architectural consultations and internal and external finishing processes in Istanbul, which makes the error rate during implementation and even delivery minimal.

Property Management: Property management in Istanbul involves supervising all types of properties, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, on behalf of the primary property owner with utmost honesty and complete transparency. In addition to many other services that we cannot mention here

You can contact our consulting team to learn about the best available residential and investment properties we have in Asian Istanbul

Services provided by Ario Real estates and the guide to buying apartments in Türkiye

Turkey is known as one of the best destinations for real estate investment in the world, thanks to the
many factors that make it famous in this field. These factors include the moderate climate throughout
the year, the rich history and diverse culture, and the good geographical location that makes it a center for trade and investment in the Middle East and Europe.
Housing prices in Turkey are also attractive to investors Guide2023

Buying an apartment in Turkey on installments is a common option for investors and individuals who want to live in this beautiful country. Cheap apartments can be found in various parts of Turkey, including the Asian side of Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, and other coastal cities. Residential apartments are available in
various sizes, designs, and prices, making them a suitable choice for all needs and budgets Guide2023

The apartment market in Turkey is stable and enjoys continuous growth, where many promising
investment opportunities are available. The Turkish government provides many incentives and facilities
for foreign investors, including tax exemptions for five years and the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship
after investing a certain amount in real estate
Ario Real estates  also shows you the prices of villas and lands in Turkey Guide2023

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