Turkish Citizenship Law Updates

Turkish Citizenship Law Updates

Turkish Citizenship Law Updates

There is still a great demand for buying apartments for sale suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and many investors have the most important goal of buying them in Turkey, is to obtain Turkish citizenship, and it has become almost completely known to everyone that the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship are:

1- Purchasing a real estate or group of real estate with a value of $250,000 or more, provided that this real estate or real estate is not sold before the lapse of 3 years from the date of purchase.
2- A bank deposit in a Turkish bank in the amount of $ 500,000, with the amount being reserved for 3 years.
3- Providing job opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens.

In this article, we will talk about the latest update from the Turkish government about the first method of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

First, the previous method:
Through which the purchase amount was deposited directly into the account of the construction company, and the buyer had the freedom to choose the method of transfer between two methods.
The first method: Transferring the amount from the buyer’s account in his country of origin directly to the account of the construction company.
The second method: transferring the amount from the buyer’s account inside Turkey to the account of the construction company directly.

Second: The new method:
It has become mandatory for each buyer to deposit the amount in one of the approved Turkish government banks, and then transfer the amount from his account in one of these banks to the account of the construction company or to the seller’s account, and the buyer must obtain a payment receipt showing his name as the sender and also must write Description In this receipt, it is clear that this transfer is for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for this purchase.
Pros of the new update:
Everyone familiar with the details of the new law will see that this procedure will give an additional value to Turkish citizenship, due to the large number of files that have been discovered from real estate fraud that has spread in part recently.

Summary :
The new update did not reduce the demand of investors to obtain Turkish citizenship, all that is there is that an additional stage of procedures was added to make the process of transferring ownership more legal and to reduce the real estate fraud, which has spread recently.
From our platform in Ario Real Estate, we were one of the first real estate companies that began to obtain Turkish citizenship for their clients after the new amendment.
We strive to provide the best services to our customers.

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