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The difference in real estate options in Istanbul between residential and investment has made it the first investment compass in the Middle East region. We strive to provide the best housing and investment options.

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    Land Buying Guide2030 in Türkiye

    Turkey guide2023 is considered one of the most attractive real estate destinations in the world, thanks to its many appealing advantages   for investors, such as reasonable prices, a stable economic environment, easy real estate laws, and a strategic location. Therefore, many investors are looking for real estate investment opportunities in Turkey, especially in buying Land […]

    Turkish Citizenship Law Updates

    There is still a great demand for buying apartments for sale suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and many investors have the most important goal of buying them in Turkey, is to obtain Turkish citizenship, and it has become almost completely known to everyone that the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship are: 1- Purchasing a real […]

    prices of Istanbul apartments and factors affecting in it

    prices of Istanbul apartments and factors affecting in it. What are the most important factors affecting the prices of Istanbul apartments? Location The most important factors that affect the price of the property in the first place is the location, the distance or proximity to the center of Istanbul plays a major role in determining […]

    Investing in Istanbul 2022

    Investing in Istanbul 2022 Where can I invest in Istanbul 2022 ? Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular is still a primary destination for anyone looking for real estate investment in Turkey and real estate investment in Istanbul. The recent fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira did not change much, and […]