Investing in Istanbul 2022

Investing in Istanbul 2022

Investing in Istanbul 2022

Investing in Istanbul 2022

Where can I invest in Istanbul 2022 ?

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular is still a primary destination for anyone looking for real estate investment in Turkey and real estate investment in Istanbul.

The recent fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira did not change much, and the exciting events in the last days of exchange rate fluctuations were only a temporary whim that did not prevent investment seekers from coming in huge numbers with some change in the rate of arrivals.

Data have changed and circumstances have changed, and from our platform at Ario Real Estate, and in harmony with the new circumstances, we present to you the best investment areas in 2022.


kağıthane region

Kaythane municipality’s distinguished location between the municipalities of Sisli and Sariyer made it one of the most important investment areas in 2022, due to the great pressure to buy investment apartments in the center and the high prices in both Sisli and Maslak, construction companies directed their link towards Kaythane, in conjunction with the development In the infrastructure supported by the Turkish government


Ataşehir and ümraniye regions

The Turkish government has established the largest financial center in the Middle East and the eighth largest financial center in the world, and has decided that the location of the financial center will be in the municipality of Ataşehir in the Asian part of Istanbul, and the Turkish government has begun to provide all the necessary infrastructure to serve the new financial center, All of these services tempted the major construction companies to establish huge and luxurious residential and investment complexes in the vicinity of the financial center in order to cover the expected large demand for purchase and rent with the financial center entering the scope of the activity.


Kadikoy region

Fikr Tepe is considered one of the best investment areas in 2022, due to its vital location, but the most important reason for being one of the best investment areas in 2022, is the adoption of the government company Toki for a project to completely restructure the area, as it demolished a large number of old buildings and Re-construction of luxurious and huge residential complexes in place of these buildings

At Ario Real Estate, we strive to provide the best residential and investment options. You can contact us to learn about the best investment projects in Kaythane, Ataşehir, Umraniye, as well as Fikr Tepe.

With the aim of obtaining the best investment in 2022.

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