Esenyurt residential district in European Istanbul

Esenyurt residential district in European Istanbul

Esenyurt residential district in European Istanbul

Esenyurt residential district in European Istanbul

The residential district of Esenyurt is considered one of the largest and most population region of Istanbul, with a total number of more than one million people, within a total area of ​​4.800 hectares, after the urban expansion witnessed by the region and the joining of many neighboring districts, Esenyurt municipality is one of the vast municipalities with great urban movement in Istanbul.

Some opinions about the Esenyurt district as a popular neighborhood with low services and unsuitable for residence and living, due to the existence of one of the districts on the borders of the region, which is considered one of the popular regions with weak services and infrastructure, so some include the entire municipality of Esenyurt with this impression, and it is worth noting that the Esenyurt municipality is a large and extensive municipality. It is characterized by the availability of two completely different lifestyles:

Modern style: It is the style of residential compounds that are characterized by tranquillity and provide a higher level of services, also these residential compounds come on several levels according to demand, some of them are cheap with acceptable services, some with average price with VIP services, There is also has some very high-end regions, which compete with their services and prices, the most prestigious regions of Istanbul..

Popular style: It is the style that includes densely populated regions that are not organized in the structure, and usually include the lower middle class, they are characterized by a lifestyle full of activity and movement. Also, properties are cheap in terms of buying or renting. As for transportation, facilities and services, they are well available near these neighborhoods.

Location of Esenyurt in Istanbul

Esenyurt district is located in the European side of the modern expansion west of Istanbul. It is bordered to the east by Avcilar, to the west by Buyukcekmece and Kucukcekmece Lake, on the northern borders of it lies the Başakşehir and Arnavutkoy, in addition to the TEM highway. On its southern borders, the latest residential regions of Istanbul, Beylikdüzü and the E5 highway.

  • 31 km from Istanbul International Airpor.
  • 10 km from the Basin Express Street.
  • 27 km from Taksim district.
  • 15 km from Bakirkoy district.
  • 3 km from Kucukcekmece Lake.

 The most important modern regions suitable for residence in Esenyurt

  • Cumhuriyet Mah

The “Cumhuriyet Mah” region of the Esenyurt municipality is considered one of the most important regions in it, because of its commercial importance, as it contains commercial complexes that include the most important companies in Istanbul, and what increased the importance of the region is that it is located directly on the metrobus line, where the region is linked with the center of Istanbul so that the center of Istanbul can be reached in a few minutes. The region also contains the Marmara Park Mall, which is considered one of the largest and most important shopping malls in Istanbul. Because it contains many Turkish and international brands.

  •  Akpatı

It is characterized by its luxurious complexes and contains the famous Akpatı shopping center, the metro is planned to reach it in 2021. It also contains many famous and famous entertainment centers, including the famous city of tennis courts Garanti Koza, the Chocolate Museum and the famous Aqua Club Dolphin.

  • Haramidere

This area is characterized by its location directly on the Metrobus line and containing a big group of high-end residential compounds. The compounds organization is similar to European cities in terms of the organization of the bridges and the wide road networks that it contains, as well as a highway linking E80 and E5 of great importance, which contributes to increasing real estate investment opportunities rapidly.

 The diverse transportation network in the residential district of Esenyurt

  • Esenyurt district contains a distinguished network of modern and powerful transportation, which links Esenyurt with the center of Istanbul, as well as diversification of public and private transportation means. Because the region contains the largest number of labor population in Istanbul.
  • The region is crossed in the north by the E80 road, which is considered one of the longest highways in Turkey, as it links the continent of Europe with the Turkish states passing through, and is bordered by the E5 autostrade highway to the south. It is located between the two main roads of Istanbul, which are very important including the fastest way of transportation in Istanbul.
  • In addition to the TEM road, which links Esenyurt to old Istanbul. It is the express port of Istanbul Airport, passing through the state (Edirna), which is the gateway to Europe.
  • It is also planned to open a subway metro line that will link the Esenyurt district with the heart of the capital, Istanbul in Kabatas district in the middle of 2021, which will reduce traffic congestion towards Esenyurt. It will raise the investment and real estate value to a level that exceeds the competition of Istanbul properties .

Real estate in the residential district of Esenyurt in Istanbul

  • The Esenyurt region enjoys a good investment value as it is a modern region that is still in the process of growth and services completion, in addition to that, it enjoys relatively moderate prices compared to the center and downtown regions.
  • Until recently, there was only one type of residential properties in the Esenyurt region, which is the ordinary popular properties that include the middle class and below, but in recent years the region has witnessed a great urban development, and the Esenyurt municipality has begun to give licenses to construction companies to establish modern and distinctive real estate complexes providing the means of luxury and comfort for the residents, in addition to the modern design of the region in terms of infrastructure, which includes (road networks and bridges) , service facilities that include (hospitals and health centers, public and private schools, private and public universities, shopping and entertainment centers).
  • The new accelerating competition environment has recently begun among construction and design companies to produce the finest housing projects, as the region has been transformed from a submerged region to an area full of towers and huge residential projects, which led to the development of the region dramatically.
  • Offers flourished in order to buy apartments at reasonable prices within these compounds, given the large number of projects and the cheapness of land in the region in general compared to other regions of Istanbul.
  • It is worth noting that Esenyurt is a relatively cheap region for the real estate market and is characterized by its rapid growth, thus, many foreign investors are keen to own their homes or open their projects there because it is a promising region for investment.

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